Thursday, December 6, 2018

Quit Smoking and don’t fear the withdrawal symptoms

Many smokers who quit smoking suffer from withdrawal symptoms and this can affect people in different ways.  They either feel sick both physically and mentally for some time till after they have stopped smoking and they feel nausea, feel like vomiting, get stomach cramps or fever.  It is normal for people to feel sick after they stop smoking and this a sign of the body getting over the addiction of smoking.

It is difficult for a smoker to quit smoking and he feels the craving which affects the person in various ways. He may feel irritable, get a headache, have digestive problems and may also go into depression, the reason being that the body gets used to the effects of cigarettes and hence they crave for it.  The lungs and stomach are used to the nicotine and smoke in your body that you start feeling unwell for some time after you quit smoking. When a person smokes the oxygen level drops in our body but as soon as a person quit smoking, the oxygen level starts to rise.  Hence it makes a person difficult to stop smoking but one should not give up and be firm have the willpower and quit smoking.  Even if you feel sick and not feeling well you should never start smoking again as these symptoms are only temporary and will lessen in a short time.  Drink lots of fluids and have proper rest and sleep to overcome this problem.

It is better to quit smoking immediately and lead a healthy life and not to worry about the withdrawal symptoms as it is temporary.  Remain strong quit smoking safely -

Friday, November 9, 2018

Why People Smoke?

For many people, smoking is to alleviate stress and suppress uncomfortable feelings and they feel smoking helps them to calm nerves and relax   Many people smoke to cope with stress, tiredness, anger, sadness or stress.  They feel smoking is stimulating and has a pleasant and relaxing feeling.  The other aspect is that it is a way to socialize and be accepted by a group.  When things go wrong, a smoker always reaches out for this cigarette for support and to calm him down.  Another reason is to be a rebel or try to be different and feel confident and in control and a way to seek attention.

People smoke to tranquilize emotional issues like anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem or to get relief from pain and depression.  Some studies suggest that nicotine has some pain relief benefits as it releases brain chemicals which soothe pain.   However, this effect will last only for a short time.  Cigarettes contain chemicals which affect most of the body parts like bone, tooth, lungs and cartilage.

Most of the people who have started smoking now want to stop it knowing the ill effects of cigarette smoking and you can quit smoking if you have the willpower and know the reasons why smoking is bad.  You should have a genuine desire to stop smoking.  Learn to cope with stress naturally by meditating or practicing yoga.  Lead a healthy life and quit smoking today – herbal pills are also very effective and safe and you will not suffer from any withdrawal system

Friday, October 12, 2018

Cigarette smoking is bad for health

Smoking is very bad for health and harms every part of the body and causes many diseases. It also reduces the life expectancy of a smoker and the quality   of life.  A smoker not only affects his life but it also has a devastating effect on family and friends.  In spite of knowing all the ill effects of smoking, there are thousands of children under 18 years of age who start smoking and gradually they become regular smokers which produce health problems like cough, respiratory illness, tiredness and severe lung problems.  Studies reveal that thousands of patients are admitted to hospitals for smoking related illnesses. Teenagers who smoke will lose their life due to the diseases caused by smoking if they do not stop smoking.

Smokers also face a higher risk than non-smokers of developing many medical conditions like back pain, Colon Polyps, circulatory disease, diabetes, depression, ulcer, impotence, influenza, neck pain, muscle injuries, stomach ulcer, osteoporosis, wrinkles, psoriasis, erectile dysfunction, tooth loss, tuberculosis and various types of cancers.

The life of a smoker is not very easy as the suffering and illness caused by the smoking is severe. Hence it is very important to quit smoking to avoid all these health problems – quitting is easy but one has to have the willpower, support, guidance and assistance from family and friends.   There are natural anti smoking herbal pills that are also very effective and help you quit smoking in a safe way.  

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Effects of smoking on your sexual life

It is a well known fact that smoking severely harms your overall health and wellness and can lead to illnesses such as cancer, strokes etc. If you are still not convinced about the ill effects of smoking, you should understand and be aware of the dangerous element contained in a cigarette.   When you smoke you inhale arsenic which is contained in a cigarette and this is very dangerous.

 Smoking also affects your sexual health over and above all the other harmful illnesses mentioned above as there is a link between smoking and erection problems.  Smoking causes   harmful consequences on the reproductory organs of the male and also also impacts the fertility rate by bringing down sperm count and sperm movement and is the main cause of impotency.

When you smoke over a long period of time there is stoppage of blood in the arteries which transport blood to different parts of the body including the penis.  Once nicotine enters in the blood, it harms the mechanism of the valve and makes fast compression in the tissues of the penis which limits blood flow rate into the penis and also harms sperm motion

If you want to overcome your impotency stop smoking and lead a healthy life – there are natural herbal pills that help people to quit smoking in a safe and effective way with no side effects.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Smoking and its ill effects

Millions lose their lives across the world owing to the ill-effects of cigarette smoking. Cigarette are small finely cut tobacco leaves rolled in thin paper and it is  tobacco in cigarette which causes sufficient harm not just to the active smoker but also to the passive smoker. Smoking affects the internal organs of the human body such as heart, lungs and other internal organs. Smoking not only affects the human body internally but also the external physical appearance.    

People who are chain smokers are likely to have yellowish teeth due to the nicotine in the cigarettes.  Even their finger nails turn stained and it is very difficult to remove it.  Besides discoloration, smoking also causes bad breadth due to the smoke that is built up in the mouth. Smoking also causes hair loss and aging; a person who smoke a lot and no matter what their age is they will still have hair thinning and skin aging problems and can make him bald and looking old more than what his age is.  The harmful nicotine can kill a person and in spite of all the ill effects of smoking, people still pick up this habit, waste their money and then later find it hard to quit smoking.

The sooner a smoker realizes how bad smoking is both in terms of health and physicality, the better it is for him as if they continue smoking they would get sick or can even die.  Live a healthy life and quit smoking now -

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Why people smoke cigarettes?

Cigarette smoking is a personal choice and people who want to stop smoking realize that it requires a lot of willpower to quit smoking.   Smoking is bad hence every smoker should quit smoking at the earliest.   

For many people, smoking is a reliable lifestyle handling tool and is used as a way to conquer uncomfortable feelings as smoking is used to ease stress, calm nerves, and relax.  People smoke for various reasons; they either smoke for pleasure and to relax or to cope with tiredness, sadness or anxiety.  Some smoke to get an acceptance like being part of a group or a way to socialize.  Some people smoke to look confident, get attention and provide support when things go wrong thereby shutting out emotions.  Most of them smoke to help them calm down due to stress or low esteem. Some even smoke to relieve and soothe pain as studies suggest that nicotine has pain relief benefits but that will be only for a few minutes as cigarettes contain many other harmful chemicals that can harm the body.     

Smoking causes a lot of harm and illnesses and it is therefore important to try and  quit smoking; take time and understand the reasons why you want to smoke and before lighting a cigarette  again ask yourself what smoking provides you other than unhealthy life - do some activities, focus on your life and make a firm decision to stop smoking -

Monday, July 9, 2018

Quit Smoking naturally and remain healthy

Everyone agrees that to  quit smoking is a difficult task; you not only miss smoking but also suffer from certain health anomalies like dizziness, uneasiness etc. In fact, it all these cause the quitters to return to smoking again.  Smoking is considered as one of our biggest health damaging factors.  Studies show how damaging the effect of cigarettes smoking is and the fact that more than 1 pack of cigarettes can increase the mortality rate with up to 90%. One of every ten deaths around the world is caused by a smoking-related disease.  Some people say that they only smoke because they are addicted to nicotine and find it hard to quit.

A smoker derives pleasure from the feel of a cigarette in the hand, and from the taste, sight and smell of the smoke and involves a sharing experience with other smokers during social gatherings. Bad breadth, lowering of hormone levels, depression, wrinkles, infertility, cancer, heart and lung diseases are some of the way that smoking can affect you and the only way to be certain of avoiding the risks of smoking is not to smoke.   

Its time to forget about fears of quitting cigarettes, as herbal anti-smoking pills is now here to help you and completes the needs of smokers without smoking and eliminates all the health complaints that you come across after quitting. These pills with its unique blend of herbal ingredients are designed to help you give up smoking habit with no side effect -